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Come Visit us Monday and Wednesday evenings on the Spanish Springs Town Square at the Villages of Lady Lake.  We take orders for Custom Lamppost signs, House Number signs, Address signs, Commemoritve plaques, and Custom license plates for your car or golf cart.  We also have novelty plaques and stock "Villages" license plates.  These items are computer routed from High Density Polyethylene.  They are not painted and never need painting.  They are guaranteed unbreakable and colorfast for many years.  Our signs come complete with a new 3/4" aluminum cross arm with rust proof hardware.
You can also see our display and order our signs at Pack & Ship Plus On County Road 101, 2 blocks north of the CVS at the corner of  466 & CR 101.
Or Pack & Ship One in La Plaza Granda Just north of Publix.
Or All Occasion Pack & Ship in the Publix shopping center located
 4 miles south of Leesburg at SR48.
 Ordering a Lamppost Sign
The ordering process for a Lamppost sign begins with  your imagination.  Our signs are totally custom.  They can be as individual as you are.  At the Villages we have order sheets for you to fill out with how you want your sign to read.  What graphics (dodads) you may want.  You select your lettering style and the size and color of your sign.  If You would like to order a sign from this website, please just drop us an email at or Give us a call at 352-633-7047 or 352-409-5889.  We can work out the details from there.

     After the order process is complete, We then convert the graphic or art work to CAD (Computer Aided Design). This step is necessary in order to import the geometry into CAM (Computer Aided Machining) Software.
     In the third step the CAM software is used to convert the geometry into Machine Language, commonly referred to as “G & M code”. G & M code is a text format that is one step away from the stream of 1`s and 0`s that the computer that controls the routing machine understands.

We then mount your sign on the appropriate size and color cross bar.  When you pick it up it will be ready to install in you lamppost by simply removing the old crossbar and sliping the new one in place.


Ordering a Commercial Logo Sign

      The development of a 3D CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routed sign begins with a concept from a person's imagination. It may be conveyed to us by way of an existing graphic of your logo, new art work or a sketch on a napkin.  If You would like to order a sign from this website, please just drop us an email at or Give us a call at 352-633-7047 or 352-409-5889.  We can work out the details from there. 

     Doing Commercial sign work often requires further work.  This can envolve considerable hand detailing to smooth out the machining marks. Many times special effect looks are desired and achieved by various methods such as sandblasting, hand brushing or carving. Then there is the painting and/or staining necessary to achieve the desired look and durability of the finished product.
     Materials used to create this type of sign vary according to its use and location. Obviously, if the sign is to be outside in the weather, a weather resistant material must be used. Probably the best outdoor material would be The King Color Core HDPE that we use for our Lamppost signs.  HDU Sign Board, also known as Rigid Urethane Foam can also bwe used. This material has a density of about 15 lbs. Per cubic foot. This product is fairly expensive, but it is impervious to the elements. It will practically last forever. Other materials for outdoor use are PVC, and rot resistant woods such as cypress, cedar or redwood. If the sign is to be indoors, a variety of materials can be used.  An inexpensive material is MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). This material machines and paints nicely and holds up well as long as it does not get wet. A variety of plastics and woods may also be used.
Please check out our Galleries then contact us for a quote on your custom sign.

CNC Routed Signs
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